Telehealth or In-Person?

Currently, I am exclusively providing telehealth sessions.  The transition to telehealth sessions was a bit strange at first, but I’ve discovered the vast majority of my clients actually prefer telehealth sessions! 

The benefits of telehealth are many:

  • No commute 
  • More flexible times to meet
  • Ability to add a partner from a different location
  • Can join from any private location

​Telehealth allows for quality, convenient face-to-face meetings while ensuring your safety.

How does it work?

Simply request an appointment here and, once accepted, you will receive an appointment confirmation. Before our appointment starts, you will receive an email link to access the telehealth appointment. It’s as simple as that.

​Will you eventually offer in-person sessions?

Yes!  I am planning to return to office hours on Wednesday afternoons beginning March 1, 2022.