It’s Not What You Say – It’s How You Say It

None of us are born knowing how to communicate perfectly with other people.  Some of us are born with better role models of communication, where we watched adults and caregivers express their thoughts, needs, and feelings in healthy and productive ways.  Others grow up learning more dysfunctional ways of communicating – or not communicating at all, or downright destructive and abusive ways of communicating – and may carry these learned habits with them into their own relationships.  

Communication is a skill.  That means it is something that must be taught, learned, and practiced…  

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Feeling Overwhelmed by a Goal

A common theme among my clients is a desire to make a change in life, but feeling uncertain how to create this change.  The overriding emotion in these situations is feeling overwhelmed.  It can be hard to know where to start.   You might feel like the task is too daunting.  You may have no idea where you want to end up.  You may feel unqualified for what you’d like to do, or afraid if you make a change you’ll be even unhappier than where you are currently.  

Let’s look at a common example: “I don’t like my current job, and I want a new job.”.  Sometimes, we know we’re unhappy in our current position – but we are uncertain how to change it – or even if we can.  We don’t know if we want to move forward in our current organization, start our own business, pursue a new industry, go back to school, or even move to another state or country….  

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