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What If The Placebo Effect Isn’t A Trick? (NYTimes article)

Long acknowledged yet tragically understudied, the placebo effect can have astounding impact on a person's medical and mental health outcomes.  This in-depth article by the New York Times Magazine is a fascinating read into the new science behind the placebo effect.

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NYTimes article: “An Inside Look at Your Favorite Dating Sites”

Many, many of my clients engage in online dating, and one thing I can share is that it's often a stressful experience for everyone!  Here's an article from the New York Times which interviews several founders of popular dating sites with insights on online dating statistics, managing expectations, and tips for success.

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How Should I Bring It Up? Tips for raising sensitive subjects (Part 1 of 2)

A great deal of the work I do with clients are helping them 1) identify what they are feeling/needing and 2) finding ways to express what they are feeling/needing. Feelings exist for all of us, whether we're able to put words to the feelings or not.  Some of us are more naturally in tune with… Continue reading How Should I Bring It Up? Tips for raising sensitive subjects (Part 1 of 2)

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Great Chemistry Does Not Guarantee A Great Relationship

Most of us have met potential romantic partners with whom we share great chemistry.  These connections can be thrilling and special because they're so hard to find.  Chemistry means that almost-immediate connection with another person on many levels: great rapport, talking nonstop about anything and everything, sharing many of the same interests and hobbies, and… Continue reading Great Chemistry Does Not Guarantee A Great Relationship

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Workplace Trauma / Bullying

I've worked with several clients who have suffered lasting stress, depression, anxiety, and/or insecurity after leaving a job post with a terrible, abusive, bullying manager.  The lasting effects of such a toxic environment, especially when it comes from someone in a position of leadership or authority can cause suffering long after leaving the position, carrying… Continue reading Workplace Trauma / Bullying

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The Nuance of Emotion

One piece of work I do regularly with my clients is help them better understand the nuance of their feelings/emotions.  Often someone will come in and tell me they feel "bad" or "pissed off" - perfectly legit ways to feel - but a little further digging into the context of the feelings often reveals that… Continue reading The Nuance of Emotion


Relationship “Work” #1: Daily Acts of Connection

Part 1 of a 3-part series When talking about relationships, we often speak of the "work" we need to do in order to maintain a healthy, fulfilling relationship.  "Work" in a relationship entails many actions, steps, and attitudes, but today I wanted to focus on relationship work #1: daily acts of connection. Daily acts of… Continue reading Relationship “Work” #1: Daily Acts of Connection


NYT article: “How To Have A Better Relationship”

There's a great article in the New York Times today entitled "How To Have A Better Relationship" - the article gives an overview of healthy relationship qualities, some interesting stats and figures, as well as links to some relationship quizzes you and your partner can take together. Click here to read the article!  - Lovers with… Continue reading NYT article: “How To Have A Better Relationship”


What exactly does it mean to “work” on a relationship?

Many of my clients understand that relationships take work.  What is often less clear is what exactly is meant by "work" in a relationship.  Sometimes people stay in bad relationships for a long time, believing that they just need to keep "working" at it, when no amount of work is going to salvage the relationship… Continue reading What exactly does it mean to “work” on a relationship?