Anxiety can take many forms.  Some common forms of anxiety include:

  • Panic Attacks – an experience of intense, acute fear that is both mental and physical in nature, that often happens at seemingly random moments.  Sufferers may feel an extreme tightness or constriction in their body, may feel they can’t breathe, may worry the panic won’t end, or may even fear they are having a heart attack.
  • Generalized anxiety – a general, pervasive sense of worry or anxiety which permeates your daily functioning, getting in the way of going about and enjoying your daily life.
  • Intrusive thoughts – repetitive thoughts outside of your control which cause great fear/distress, and may even cause you to avoid certain situations or behaviors. Some common examples of intrusive thinking include: fearing you may harm someone, fearing you’ll get fired, fearing there is something medically wrong with you, fearing something bad may happen to you or a loved one, revisiting old memories/conversations and playing them over and over in your mind.  These are just a few examples of intrusive thinking which can negatively impact your day-to-day life.

Anxiety is a highly common experience in today’s stress-filled world.  I have specialized for years in helping clients better understand their anxiety and find the right tools to help manage anxiety symptoms.  If you would like to address your anxiety and learn tools to manage it better, please visit my contact page to schedule an appointment.